Founder's Story


In the bustling heart of the concrete jungle, our founder, Seiky Stephanie, challenged conventions and shaped a company that goes beyond production and sales. As the mastermind behind 507 Stitches, she founded 507 Stitches with a mission that went beyond conventional structures and her remarkable journey has left an indelible mark on the industry, transforming brands and inspiring others to dream big.

To understand the genesis of 507 Stitches, we must first, as dancers always say, start from the top. Her roots lie in the enchanting land of Colon, Panama, where dance and culture were instilled in her from an early age, shaping her identity. In the vibrant streets of Colon, the rhythm of life inspired her to embrace diversity and inclusivity, laying the foundation for her future endeavors.

Seiky's dance career began in the lively borough of the Bronx, honing her artistry, technique, and dedication as a Professional Dancer. From humble beginnings, she went on to gracing countless stages, working with some of the biggest names in the industry such as Nick Cannon, Busta Rhymes, MTV Clips, etc., and captivating audiences with her grace and creativity.

With an insatiable passion for creativity and an unwavering drive for delivering exceptional results, Seiky fearlessly ventured into the captivating realm of fashion. After receiving her B.A.S in Fashion Merchandising and Marketing, she honed in on all her knowledge and natural talents and went on to work with a plethora of global brands, including legendary names like Danca, Alpha Industries, Dimepiece LA, Cross Colors, and Von Dutch, stamping herself as a true fashion industry professional. 

In the midst of her flourishing fashion career, Seiky Stephanie's life took an extraordinary turn when she was crowned the title holder of Miss Panama US 2016—a life-changing experience that would shape the trajectory of her journey and inspire the creation of 507 Stitches. As Miss Panama US, Seiky embraced her platform with grace and purpose, using her voice to advocate for inclusivity, empowerment, and social change. The experience ignited a fire within her to do more, to build something bigger than herself. And so, with time, patience, and planning, 507 Stitches was born.

Seiky's mission is to empower and employ individuals who face challenges in accessing employment opportunities. As an Afro-Panamanian woman, Seiky understands the importance of representation and strives to break barriers. Here at 507 Stitches, we are committed to diversity, inclusivity, and social responsibility which drives our mission to offer unbiased work visas to commendable yet overlooked and underprivileged foreigners. This mission arose from Seiky's heartfelt realization of the major pain point affecting the population in Colon, fueling her passion for making a difference.

Our name, "507," resonates with the essence of Seiky's roots, paying homage to Panama's country code—the guiding force behind her identity. When you collaborate with 507 Stitches, you join a movement that weaves a tapestry of cultures, aspirations, and dreams. Here, talent knows no boundaries. The company's legacy lies in its commitment to transcend borders and embrace individuals from all walks of life.

As you step into this extraordinary journey with us, you become part of a community that celebrates culture, creativity, and the collective strength of diverse minds. Together, we will soar to new heights, shaping a world where inspiration and success are accessible to all.